Well, so much for resolutions!

Amazing that I’ve been too busy to post . . . but really, I’m going to work on this.

I think I finally have a photographer who is truly interested in photographing beads and helping me get things on etsy . . . and I’ve contacted a store in Wisconsin about mailing “word” beads to her (more on both those things when plans are firmed up!).

As a side note — I have purchased tickets to a roller derby bout for 01/22/11 in Peoria — that ought to be a lot of fun!

Mostly I’ve been putting fires out and trying to decide what direction to move in — none of my word beads sold locally over the holidays — and none of my jewelry at the Moon Dancer at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie sold either!  At the end of January will remove my stock from there and get it photographed and on etsy.  I also need to get a move on for some not so local, but not too far away art shows.  I don’t know what’s up with Peoria and the surrounding area, but I’m ready to move on.

I’ll keep ya posted!


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