Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wow — planted 6 flats of 72 cells each 4 different types of lettuce this morning.  Erin has loaned me a heat mat for the seedlings — tomatoes and peppers — it really does make a difference — will have to buy my own.  And I am now the proud owner of 31 (started as 32 but Erin releaved me of at least one pound) pounds of onion sets for green onions and 75 pounds of potatoes — all resting nicely in the barn until the ground dries out.  But the really fun garden chore this week was to get my well water tested.  To be a farmer for the Good Earth Food Alliance you have to have liability insurance and well water testing (see earlier post about scale certification and egg licensing!).  $10 to the Peoria City/County Health Department — and then $16 something to the post office to over night the sample to Springfield . . . . I want  you to know that I don’t really look at the report I run at the end of the year for the tax guy — it would make me sad!

And two hours on the computer doing Good Earth Food Alliance book work — we still have room for more CSA members — visit!

Now, to clean beads and get ready for basic beading at Vintages in Galesburg tonight . . . tomorrow TORCHING! really.


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