Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wow – a week, this isn’t going too well, is it?  Monday I packed up a box of beads headed for the Madison Bead Show via Shannon at Meant to Bead in Sun Prairie — Stop by her booth and say hi!  I rarely push deadlines like that (having stuff made — not the actual sending it out part).  But as I made beads people took them or I made them for some thing specific.

Speaking of specific — the basic beading classes at Vintages Tasting Room and Wine Shop in Galesburg have really taken off.  Thanks to Julie for inviting Annette and me to that and to the students — I think we have some new friends!  Tonight’s class is necklaces and Annette has gone through her crystal stash and has a really fancy project for us!

Annette and I will be at the Concordia Lutheran School’s spring vendor event on Saturday (mostly Annette as I have double booked myself again — anyone else doing that much?).  Come see what new beads will be there (headed out to work once I’m done here!).  Sunday I will be at the Cornerstone Building for the Underground Art Show.  Come see the building and meet some great artists!

To the Garden — Can you believe it’s going to be 28 degrees tonight — The tomatoes (two flats that had gone to the hoop house) are now in the kid’s bathroom.  All the lettuce flats are lined up on the floor of the hoop house (Sara doesn’t know it yet but she’s gonna help me cover things with row cover when she gets home tonight).  Yesterday, as it sprinkled, Todd tilled about 1/2 the field for me and Sara and I planted potatoes — two more 25# bags to go.  One year Tyler and I were just finishing up as a wall of rain hit us.  Do you see a pattern?

And I had my annual gyn appointment yesterday — he wants to check out my hormone levels with a saliva test and adjust things to a more normal level.  Todd’s all for that if I’m not so moodie — I have no idea what he’s talking about?!


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