Friday, May 8, 2011

Wow — this needs to be done more frequently . . . . but I’ve been busy!

Tonight the man and I have tickets to Jackson Browne!  and I think we are going out for dinner first . . . hold on to your hats!

Last weekend Annette and I attended the Milan Improvement Project/Bob Erikson Craft Show — it was a good time and we met some wonderful people!  Soon to be having home parties with one-of-a-kind jewelry in that area!  Call 309/231-0875 to schedule yours!

The garden is looking good!  I planted onions, onions for green onions, more raddish, and beets outside yesterday before the rain.  I got more lettuce in the new hoop house, under bird netting to keep the vermin out.  I really need to spend some time in the raspberry patch . . . . argh!

After getting my concentrator back I worked really hard one day and haven’t been back at it since . . . (see above!).  But maybe this weekend . . . rumor has it I’ll be home alone tomorrow (Sara is taking a defensive driving class, Tyler is “supervising” . . . no idea, and Todd has coordinated a motorcycle ride for the day . . . . ) I may get something besides gardening done!

Wednesday, May 11, Annette and I will once again be in Galesburg at Vintages facilitating a basic beading class — come see us!

I did manage to get into the Burlington, IA, Snake Alley art show on Father’s Day weekend . . . not so much for Sugar Creek, but there’s always next year!


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