Monday, May 9, 2011

Wow — What a weekend:

Jackson Browne Concert — was great (no dinner tho!).  Apparently he had been sick, but he did a great show — especially solo!  Todd was amazed at the number of guitars . . .

Ludy’s on Saturday for Bugers!  If you live in the Peoria area and haven’t been there you’re missing something great.  Very limited menue of great burgers.  Then to see Thor with a friend . . . haven’t been to the movies in forever!

Sunday we — Todd, Tyler and I — worked our butts off in the garden — Every year I go through the same cycles — right now I’m in the “if I never see leaf lettuce again as long as I live, I’ll be fine” part of the cycle (that definitely is not the case in January/February when ordering seeds!).  I finally also got the last 1/3 of the potatoes in (the goodest news is that the first 2/3 are not rotting in the ground — they are poking through the dirt crust!).  Todd tilled the field again — this time a snake and a mole were collatoral damage . . . . I still have a load of onions to put in, but started putting leeks in — one blade of grass at a time . . . still have lots of those too . . .

This morning I put in 5 pounds of green bean seeds . . . yes — and that’s only 1/2 . . . it’s suppose to rain today.  Hope it does — then 5 pounds of soy beans need to go in — and then in about a month the other 5 pounds of green bean seeds — then I’ll cycle through the “hope I never see another green bean” cycle.  It’s crazy, but that’s “farming”!


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