Monday, June 13th!

Hello All!  I know I’m not very good at keeping up with this stuff, but thanks for staying with me.  I got an e-mail from the system that there is a new fan — Thanks!  and share this with all your friends.

Last weekend was the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, WI.  I went with the girls (Merrell, Annette, Sheila, and a first timer — Elanore!).  We had a wonderful time.  There is so much to look at — both new product and people — and the art that everyone is wearing!  The seed bead creations were absolutely amazing.  And I managed to purchase from glass toys — I worked in the shop yesterday and used the purple frit — AMAZING!  Those beads will be making their debut in Burlington, IA, at the Snake Alley Art Fair on Sunday, June 19th.

Before I headed out of town tho I managed to get all the pepper plants, and most of the tomato plants in the ground (hopefully will finish the tomato plants tonight before the rain).  Sam is “renting” a 1/2 acre — in payment he is helping me with my garden some — one of three potato patches is almost spotless!  Tyler and I are keeping the weeds down between the bean rows with the mower and there is more plastic this year under the tomatoes.  I hate the plastic, but it does manage to keep the weeds down. 

Don’t forget — this Wednesday, June 15th, is the first Farmer’s Market in Peoria Heights!  Be sure to go and support your local farmers!


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