Friday, June 17, 2011

I promised to do this more often! 

This Sunday, June 19, while also being Father’s Day is Snake Alley Art Fair in Burlington, IA.  Annette and I will be staying Saturday night in Mt. Pleasant and then heading over early to set up.  The show begins at 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.  Hope everyone comes out to see us . . . the forecast has gone from 94 degrees to 84 degrees to 84 degress and storms — I hope we are being moved in to the local community college!  Gotta love the midwest in the summer!

Speaking of that — Mom and I cruised the garden this morning — things are looking pretty good — the squash are blooming, the deer have not eatten off my tomato plants – tho they seem to love the soy bean plants . . . . I pulled some potatoes yesterday so that tyler can wack those weeds and i can put more beans in . . . .why not? but there is still a flat and a half of tomatoes looking for a home . . . i have no idea what i was thinking!

So — the other night, after dark, I made beads!  It was so relaxing — and they are still on the mandrels!  Pea green and a funkie coral pink that i had just a couple rods of — with clear — core in one color or the other and dots on the clear and striped under clear — they turned out cool.  See them in Burlington first!



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