Wednesday, June 22

Now the sun is out — I headed out this morning (notice “early” was not part of that statement) to pick black raspberries and it started to MIST . . . heavily.  So I came in, washed dishes so I could wash eggs . . . . still misting, sat down at computer did some fun bookwork — and now the sun is out.  Sara, of course, is still in bed, but I think I’m headed back out to the raspberry/weed patch . . . . By the time Tyler gets out to mow the grass between the bean rows he could probably bale it and sell it . . . ok, we’ll use it for mulch.

I lost a chicken yesterday — think it was to the heat — which won’t be a problem for the next few days – thank goodness!  The new chicks are growing by leaps and bounds already — they are mostly feathered out and look like miniature chickens.

Think I will head back out to the torch today and make some more stuff.  I had promised Amy B a “bitch, bitch, bitch” necklace for the next fundraiser (her husband, Tracy, was recently diagnosed with ALS and they are working on chasing down alternative therapies that will help him) in July.  I made a couple of “bitch” beads, but want to make some more.  Am also headed to the National Women’s Music Festival in Madison, WI.  Am going with Janet Hill from Free to Bead (Peoria Heights, IL) and Annette (partner in crime) for the 4th of July weekend.

Never a dull moment here — Angie reminded me this morning that this Friday — June 24, is Art on the Boardwalk at Junction City in Peoria, IL.  Remember — support your local artists — buy  your gifts from local people — support your local economy — shop farmer’s markets (it tastes bett,er too!).


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