Wednesday, July 6, 20011

I have a really good excuse for not keeping this up . . . . it is now officially green bean season!  30 pounds for the Good Earth Food Alliance yesterday . . .  and lots of others out there yet to be picked.  I took squash blossoms with little zucchini still attached to my friend Jo — she sent me a recipe from — zucchini blossoms stuffed with tomatoes and parmesan.

Today is Maisie’s first vet appointment in Elmwood — I so had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy around.  This morning, while I was pulling all my garlic, she ran over some black plastic (tomatoes) and I thought some large ground animal was about to eat me . . . . we have critter issues here at the farm.  Thank goodness, it was her playing!

So, I have a huge tub of garlic/walking onions on the deck that need to be taken care of . . . have decided to bundle all for my customers and give to them at once to hang in their space so I don’t have to remember to deliver some here and some there (vegetable delegating at its finest!).  Save some of the larger heads for replanting in October (suppose I’ll know where they are by then?), and have Tyler mow the whole patch down.  Andrew said he would work in the barn this weekend and some of that chicken manure could go right there!

Annette, Janet and I went  to the National Women’s Music Festival in Madison WI last weekend!  We snuck out and went to the Madison Farmer’s Market — WOW, was it packed with farmers and shoppers both.  I don’t know why Peoria can’t have/support such a wonderful market.  All the booths were staffed by the farmers and the prices were a little lower, and some tables were empty!  You could barely walk and certainly not at a fast pace through the crowd.


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