Monday, 08/15/2011

Well, that didn’t last long did it — it seems that gardening season just takes over everything — every good intention I have of keeping up with anything just goes right out of my head!  But things are slowing down — some!  I have fought the battle of the weeds, and again, have lost.  But there is always next year.  Next year’s list has already begun:

Buy more black plastic:  while I hate the black plastic in theory I love what it does to the weeds . . . for years I tried landscape fabric, but if it’s not weighted down properly (which I never got to) the weeds just come up underneath it.  Some of my plastic is on it’s second year and is doing quite well — inspite of being left outside all winter long.  So, the plan is to pull up the plastic and store it in a hoop house for the winter and move it around for next year.  The tomatoes did wonderfully planted in the plastic — next year I’m going to plant eggplant and squash on the plastic so I don’t loose them in the weeds!

Decide what to do about the first two hoop houses and ventilation — would love to add roll-up sides to them, but it’s about $1,000.  Not sure I want to invest in that . . . . not sure how much the alternatives will be, so — may just go along as we have been.

Negotiate with the spouse unit about moving some of the black raspberry plants around . . . . again with the plastic.  The plants on plastic are doing very well — whether that is a function of the plastic or more sunlight (mostly in the morning), I have no idea.  Not to mention that I could turn the current raspberry area into a larger asparagus patch that just requires mowing and mulching . . . . not to mention – MORE ASPARAGUS.  Thinking I won’t get too much flack on this one.

Not order so many seeds.  And pay better attention to what I’m ordering (coulda sworn those mountain magic tomatoes were cherries — alas, too large . . . but beautiful and plentiful!).


In the mean time — I have lit the torch a couple of times — yesterday’s are still in the kiln . . . and have two day’s worth at the sink ready to be cleaned.  I have printed out two art show applications . . . . in Iowa for September — think I’m going to go for it!

And have some more stuff photographed and put on etsy . . . . and in March when my phone contract is up I’m gonna get a touch screen and a square for the credit card thingie . . . . and – hmm, I’ve started looking for employment for the winter . . . when will I squeeze that in?



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