Monday, August 22, 2011

Thanks to Kay — it is now August!

But this really is about Thursday or Friday last week — my short-term memory is so bad.  I went out to feed/water/turn loose the chickens and discovered a fairly young opossum swimming around in my rain barrel.  I told my mother that in the spirit of my Uncle John (a REAL farmer) I fished out the possum and took it, by the tail, into our wooded area and tossed it over the fence!  John and I found a possum in his corn crib once while checking the cattle.  It was larger and had something to say the whole way to the creek that we pitched it over that day.  The recent one I think was happy to not be swimming any more and didn’t complain a bit.

In other farm news I have a complaint — all the forecasted rain either didn’t fall at all or fell someplace other than my house!  For instance, Saturday morning I was in Morton at the bicycle race/fine art fair (that part was very small!) and it rained for about 20 minutes — a nice gentle, straight down rain – thank goodness for those of us under tents, but it didn’t happen at my house where I would have danced in it!

Sara went to school on Friday — and Tyler started back at ICC today . . . he had to ask me for underwear today because I folded last night (it’s his month to do that) and put all his clothes in my room . . . . he swears he’ll fold the sheets that have been in the living room for two weeks tonight . . . . next time his underwear disappears for good!


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