July 2012 Twisted Chicken Sightings!

Saturday, July 14 you can find new Twisted Chicken Beads at the Galesburg Civic Art Center for the Art Before Your Eyes event (http://www.facebook.com/events/256510261125043/).
Sunday, July 15 you can see the same items (well, the ones that aren’t gobbled up in Galesburg) in Mackinaw at the Art and Wine Festival (www.mackinawvalleyvineyard.com).  This is a free event — come see some art and sample some wine — how great is that?
I did, this morning, take more beads off mandrels.  Despite the heat, I made it out to the torch on Sunday . . . . and it was fun!  Orange is the current favorite color!  Saturday morning Merrell Hickey came over and we put some stuff together.  When she left I kept at it and created some great pendants with my beads and some lucite flowers I have been collecting.  If I have any left after the weekend, Loni of Yellow Lily Photography is going to photograph them for the website.  But remember, that’s only what is left over after two different events.


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