Crazy, Monday, October 22, 2012

Well — I’m not much better about posting that I have been in the past. Things around here have been crazy.

Finally, it has rained here. There was 1.5 inches and a really BIG spider in the rain gauge the same weekend as the Spoon River/Knox County Drive. Yes — I was at Walnut Grove Farm for the Drive. It was wonderful as usual to be in the barn — especially the days it rained and blew . . . .

Those two weekends followed a great trip to Southern Illinois to the Rend Lake Art and Wine Festival. Last Friday I was at the ICC Green Expo where someone said that Wine Festivals are the in thing this year. As long as they are paired with art, I’m good.

Then this weekend I was the Bishop Hill Fiber Guild Spin In as it moved to the East Peoria Events Center. That was a great event — it’s always fun to see old friends, meet new friends and, yes, buy more yarn . . . . like I need it any more than I need more glass.

Sunday, Todd and I went out for a motorcycle ride. Ended up in Beardstown for lunch as a very nice Mexican restaurant and home through Canton (and the grocery store!).

In the middle of all that I have been working at ICC three days a week, except for the week before and of the Community Celebration. Stephanie pulled off a dinner for 1040 scholarship recipients, guests, and scholarship sponsors. It’s great fun and a huge sigh of relief when the night is over. Next year is the 25th Anniversary . . . . I think the dinner date is on the calendar already!


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