Tuesday, November 6, 2012 — What a day!

So — what can I say:

1. I got a message that the box I sent to Peace by Piece Co (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peace-By-Piece-Co/189088174364) received the box that I sent them! And that she kept all but 8 of the 32 items I sent her. My first wholesale sale . . . . Please remember to shop at your local stores for the holidays, birthdays, and anniversary presents!

2. The first egg from the chicks that were hatched in May! The old birds must have heard cause those birds laid a couple extra today — their days are numbered!

3. The box came from the Art Charm Exchange that I am participating in from the Bead Soup Facebook page. There’s going to be a blog hop on Monday . . . be sure to check back here to get a list of the blogs to visit. I think I better check out what others have done in the past to see what I’m suppose to do!

4. Todd brought home a check from an egg customer that optimistically thinks the stupid birds are laying. Going to have to send it back and have her adjust it to when the new birds start laying regularly . . . .



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