Thursday, December 13, 2012

My part-time work schedule was rearranged this week so am home today — after running eggs into Peoria, I came home to make breakfast and hit the internet.  I also called around to the little shops (see facebook) that have my jewelry to see how sales were going.  Everyone is excited about the holiday season.
The other night I picked up pictures from Loni of Yellow Lily Photography.  My goal is to post a picture every day in the web store and get it on facebook and (opps, forgot to figure out) on pintrest . . . . need to do something else before heading to the shop!

So, stay tuned.  Probably will go well for a couple days and then I’ll get distracted.  And, by the way — did you know the shortest day of the year is almost upon us and we can get serious about ordering seeds?

These Bell Flower earrings have been posted to my store at  Some like them will be available at an open house in Chillicothe on Saturday.  Please check the twisted chicken facebook page for details.

Earrings made from Bell Flowers




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