Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hey All —

It’s snowing a little here in Central Illinois!  Luckily, very little.  Before Christmas we had some rain that would have been major snow fall . . . . dodged that!

I have started adding pendants (photographed by the lovely Loni Wenzel at Yellow Lily Photography, check her out on Facebook) to my web site.  Sara will be taking some photos for me while she is home from school and there will be a bunch of posting soon!

one inch pendant

one inch pendant

large hole green bead pendant

large hole green bead pendant







And on the gardening scene — tyler did some tilling for me in the large hoop house right before Christmas.  I need to get some 10 food boards and the box building will begin.  There was a day when the temp inside the hoop house was 80 degrees.  Amazing what a little sun will do!  And I do have some spinach in cell packs waiting to be planted and some pea seeds left over from a couple years ago that I was going to stick in to see what happened.  Always think I wait too long in the spring to get those in . . . . always an experiment going on here!


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