Sunday, February 3, 2013

I’m busy procrastinating on my book work — stuck in April, 2012!  So, my web store hosting bill came (via e-mail — thanks to Tammy Finch at Web Services Inc).  So I sent her the new pictures I received from Tim Lester (applying for some art shows out of the area and wanted fresh pictures).  She instantly put them on my site (shameless plug).  I sent her a thank you and asked if there was a cheetah taped to her back . . . apparently she hasn’t seen that commercial (have no idea what it’s for . . . ) and almost spewed tea all over her computer.   In another time/day this would have taken much longer to transpire than the 10 minutes it took today!

I also threw myself into the Bead Soup Blog Party . . . and seem to have gotten the link on the right side of my screen . . . I tell ya – the things I have to learn!  And Lori Anderson, bless her soul, is the one that coordinates this huge blog party and keeps apologizing for not getting things done quickly.  Really, LOOK – a chicken, I don’t understand why she would feel that way — LOOK, a really pretty bead that I need to do something with RIGHT NOW.  I mean, I’m getting my book work done (see note above about April — have been stuck there for . . . LOOK — KNITTING!).  You get my drift.  Even planning coffee with someone can seem to be a huge deal these days.

And why is that — I’m pushing spring to come as soon as possible — I brought in some seed starting mix and planted about 20 little pots of spinach seeds . . . (see note about book work and April, again!).  They have begun to sprout and today started three more little pots of cilantro.  If you can imagine, the cilantro in the hoop house (yes, some nights have gotten down to zero finally) is not looking too bad for this time of year.  Apparently, tho we want it to be a warm weather herb (tomatoes anyone?) it is more of a cool weather lover.

So, now to procrastinate some more – I’m gonna go get something to eat and check out the pregame action on tv.  My darling daughter was born right in the middle of the Super Bowl 19 years ago . . . I was sad when the date was changed to February, though that year I understood.  She’s at college and I’m busy trying not to work!


2 comments on “Sunday, February 3, 2013

  1. Dana says:

    Funny post…I totally understand about procrastinating…that’s me. I’ve been wanting to add more jewelry to my ArtFire studio for ages but seem to lack the motivation…..oh look squirrel….and I’m off to chase or do something else. LOL Glad to be partnered with you for the Bead Soup Blog Party…okay now to try to get that button on my blog.

    • Well – back at the computer — must quit looking at other stuff and get my bookwork done — spouse unit says we are about ready to have the taxes done . . . not me! I have 4 hours to work . . . must . . . . get . . . busy!

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