Saturday, March 30 — Bead Soup Blog Hop Reveal

Here’s the day!  When all the really cool pieces of art work are revealed to the world.  I was really lucky to be paired with Dana James — who, by the way, was recently published in Step by Step Wire Jewelry (her gallery photo link).  And I was the recipient of one of those really cool pendants.  Here are the pictures of what I sent Dana (taken by Dana ’cause I was so excited I put them in the mail before taking the picture.)

Twisted Chicken Color Set

Twisted Chicken Color Set

earth tone set

earth tone set

I sent two sets cause I could!  The bright color one is one of my favorite set of beads/colors to work with — lampwork, whimsey, and happiness!  After looking at Dana’s website I decided to send a second set of earth tone beads that were left over (truly a soup rather than selected just for her).  Visit her website here!  Be sure to visit her blog to see what she made with these beads!

So — I received the following from her:

Stones and Crystals

Stones, Crystal, and Chain

handmade clasp

handmade clasp

and the Pendant!

and the Pendant!

There were also some great silks — three colors!  The finished design only included one of the silks but I have some new beads that are just begging to be put with those silks.  Last night Todd helped me with the new camera and I may actually start posting pictures.

Now for the confession:  I have help with my design work and color choices from Merrell Hickey.  She manages to include colors that I would have never put together but the finished product is ALWAYS fabulous and I love it.  This one in particular is just grand.  From earlier posts you know that We had major room changes over winter break.  My “craft” room has been moved to the basement.  While the kids have their bed rooms put all back together my craft stuff is still kind of all over the house because I want to go through it before I put it in the “craft room.”  So, as I have been going through things I have found unloved beads . . . and I had a stash to give to Merrell.  In that were some lampwork beads that I made a really, really, really long time ago — petrolium green and red . . . well, in Merrell’s words, they “play well with these beads over here” and wow — did they ever.  There are also some more current beads (like the half bicone on either side of the pendant and where the chain attaches to the strung piece).

Pendant up close

Pendant up close

The up close photo shows Dana’s great pendant and we added some parts that were in the soup and some of my lampwork beads dangling off the bottom.

Indoor photo

Indoor photo

my favorite photo

my favorite photo

My favorite photo was taken on a really old, outdoor picnic table (see the snow in the left hand corner?) just as the sun was going down.  And I did manage to get some help from Houdini the one-eyed cat . . .

Houdini Helping with the Photos

Houdini Helping with the Photos

And so ends my adventure with the Bead Soup Blog hop.  I hope everyone enjoys the pictures and be sure to check out the others who are participating.  You can find a list of all the blogs here!  Though I’m pretty sure that no one has such a handsome helper as Houdini!

and here is the link to Dana’s post.  She did a great job on turning a lampwork bead into one of her cool pendants.  And the bright colors pop on the bracelet!

46 comments on “Saturday, March 30 — Bead Soup Blog Hop Reveal

  1. Dana says:

    Wow, love what you did with the soup mix. Great job and your lampwork pieces look great with it. I had a lot of fun with what I received from you and look forward to seeing what everyone else made.

  2. Krafty Max says:

    wow, talk about eclectic – but – I love it!! So bright and bold! ~KM

  3. Absolutely love your work!…and Houdini of course too….

  4. Perl-eni says:

    What an awesome job on all the designs!

  5. Oh god that focal is lovely, and what you did with all the more so ! Good at Houdini decided to help you out… What an handsome fellow !

  6. What creativity! Love the mixing of colors and beads.

  7. Eleanor says:

    What a fun necklace. So much going on!

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving me a comment. If Houdini only knew how popular he was, he’d be even more aloof!

  9. says:

    I’m on the 3rd reveal, I’m partecipating for the 3rd time on BSBP, I’m visiting all blogs…
    what a stunning necklace, really awesome.
    ciao dall’Italia

  10. Ruth says:

    Love all that color!

  11. Love the necklace-love the kitty!kathy

  12. Oh, what a riot of color! This necklace turned out wonderfully, and showcases Dana’s pendant perfectly! (and please give Houdini extra loves for me!) Great job!

  13. Michelle says:

    absolutely gorgeous.

  14. gretchen says:

    What a fun piece you made! and of course, I love the kitty!

  15. Silvia says:

    An impressive work!!!

  16. NataschaM says:

    Amazing! I love your beads. And the photo with Houdini. too … 😉

  17. Beautiful eclectic necklace, would be so fun to wear!

  18. laurabracken says:

    I love your colorful creation! The wire-wrapping is wonderful.

  19. beautiful work well done!

  20. bailaora says:

    great, full of colours work! congratulations!

  21. paula hisel says:

    i’m loving all of the colors and the mixed media aspect of your piece

  22. Your necklace is so much fun – love it!

  23. Tara says:

    Beautiful! So colorful and love what you did with the ribbon!

  24. Liz says:

    Gorgeous! Love the colours.

  25. Ewa says:

    Fantastic piece!Congrats!

  26. Silke says:

    Love the colors and the whole design. Gorgeous!

  27. Just love it ♥ all those colours make feel cheerful!

  28. coffeeaddict says:

    gorgeous necklace, so full of life and energy! Houdini is sweet 🙂

  29. Nan Smith says:

    Great necklace ….so much fun with all the colours.

  30. Your necklace reminded me of the Art Bead Love Chain. All of those beads waiting to go to a wonderful home. The pendant worked great with all of those beads!

  31. Shae says:

    Ok now I understand the twisted in the twistedchicken. 🙂 Your finished product was a surprise not what I was expecting and this is why I love this party. Creative and inspiring.

  32. This is a party around your neck! How fun is that! It would have to make you happy when you wear it! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  33. Wonderful piece! Very eclectic and just alive with color!

  34. Wow – very artsy and fun! Love it! 🙂

  35. Mmm, so luscious! Thank you for helping, Houdini!

  36. Thanks everyone for taking the time to stop by and make comments! I’m going to be sitting down some evening and looking at everyone’s pictures. It’s the best eye candy around!

  37. So much lovely work involved in your necklace! Great job and fun colors.

  38. Bobbie Rafferty says:

    Wow, that’s a visual feast! Nice job!

  39. jay says:

    Love your creations! So many interesting elements. Congratulations!

  40. WOW but that’s a statement necklace! I love full, lush necklaces — I can pull that off because I’m fluffy 🙂 You did a great job!!!!

  41. Liz E says:

    Colors galore! Such a fun necklace. Lifts my spirits just to look at it. Houdini seems like a nice helper.

  42. Robin Kae Reed says:

    What a fun and brilliantly designed necklace!!! Love the color and the movement and all of the texture!!! have a Blessed day!

  43. Sam Waghorn says:

    What a beautiful combination, your necklace looks fantastic. It really is so uplifting to see such a happy piece of jewellery.

  44. CraftyHope says:

    Oh how lovely all those bright colors are!! They are really something all together like that. What a nice job you did.

  45. gloria allen says:

    I think your piece is glorious in all its fabulosity of colors and lampwork beads. A person would feel truly royal wearing it.

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