Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I got the news yesterday — I did not get into the Marion Fine Arts Festival this year . . . . I’m kinda bummed but am going to keep applying to some other art fairs . . . . trying to break out of my geographic region!  The flip side is that I am going to participate in two Art Sprees with the Illinois Artisans Program in Chicago — one in July and one in September.  I am very excited about that!

The class in Galesburg on Saturday (sorry, no pictures . . . .) went so well that Annette and I are going to go back on March 9 to teach a leather wrap bracelet class.  March 2 we will be in Fort Madison, IA, teaching the Viking knit to ladies there.  Be sure to come by and see us, even if you can’t come for class — just say hi!

Regarding my participation in the Bead Soup Blog Party:  I received my wonderful package from my exchange partner Dana James (find her blog here!).  Her packaging was much nicer than mine . . . and I was so excited to receive it that I didn’t get a picture taken!  (notice a theme about pictures?)  Do you remember that I was moving the “sewing room” over the holidays (all of my stuff out of the room, Sara’s stuff in, Tyler’s stuff into Sara’s old room and, in theory, my stuff into Tyler’s old room)?  I’ve been taking my time (that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it) to organize as I put things away . . . Getting rid of things I haven’t used and probably won’t use as I touch them.  I found some long ago made and much unloved lampwork beads that I was going to gift to my friend Merrell.  I was also asking her to help me design something with my Bead Soup.  You will all be amazed that the beads were perfect to match to the Soup mix I received.  Merrell took all of it to her workshop (do you see elves with little hammers?) and transformed it into a wonderful piece of jewelry.  And I do promise pictures —  but not until 03/30/13!  (teaser alert!)

In farming news — last week I managed not to burn down the barn!  I came home (Wednesday, I think), came in the house (as always), checked the mail changed my clothes . . . went to the barn.  Wondered what that odd smell was and figured that the neighbors were burning something.  Turned out my heat lamp had fallen, probably about the time I pulled into the garage and straw trapped under the metal was starting the smolder!  I haven’t had it plugged in since — I’m a little weirded out about how close that was . . . .

I have managed to sprout two flats of 72 cells of lettuce (each a different kind) and planted one flat of 48 of peppers. . . . that one hasn’t sprouted yet.  I’m thinking of bringing in a heat mat to give it a boost.  But since the heat lamp incident, I really want to be home the whole day to keep an eye on it.  Maybe Sunday . . .



Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home today getting caught up on things!  I have added two new things to the online store and discovered that I can put a bigger picture with each item . . . except of course the one I can’t find the picture for!

If you aren’t following me on facebook you haven’t read that I have applied for the Marion Art Festival in May.  I will hear in February – so stay posted.  I’m very excited about it for a couple of reasons — it is out of my usual range of travel.  But — I use to live there and have some really good friends that I haven’t seen in a while who still live there . . . so it would be a great art fair and a great weekend!  What more could a gal ask for?!  I also has some jury quality photos taken of some of my new stuff . . . what do you think?



Bell Flower Earrings

Bell Flower Earrings







The earrings are $30 per pair — if you are interested contact me on facebook and you can let me know which pair you are interested in.

On the gardening side of my life . . . it’s still winter!  But yesterday I placed my seed order and I have a couple spots in the CSA still available (you must live in Peoria!)  Or through out the season I will have extra stuff that I would be happy to get to you . . .  I’m not planning on participating in Farmer’s Market tho I will probably stop by and see my friends.  The best part of market was the community — farmers and customers!  The new chickens have started laying and the second batch of 2012 chicks should start laying in March.  Contact me if you want to purchase eggs!

The big upheaval of the holidays was moving Sara into the sewing room (smaller bed room — she’s at college now, you know!) and Tyler into Sara’s old room and my crafts (let’s face it – I don’t sew!) into Tyler’s old room which is larger that what I had and downstairs.  The kid’s rooms are all put back together, but mine not so much . . . .So – today I’m going to work on that for a couple hours then bookwork for a couple hours then on to the pool to walk with another beader!

Life is good!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 — What a day!

So — what can I say:

1. I got a message that the box I sent to Peace by Piece Co ( received the box that I sent them! And that she kept all but 8 of the 32 items I sent her. My first wholesale sale . . . . Please remember to shop at your local stores for the holidays, birthdays, and anniversary presents!

2. The first egg from the chicks that were hatched in May! The old birds must have heard cause those birds laid a couple extra today — their days are numbered!

3. The box came from the Art Charm Exchange that I am participating in from the Bead Soup Facebook page. There’s going to be a blog hop on Monday . . . be sure to check back here to get a list of the blogs to visit. I think I better check out what others have done in the past to see what I’m suppose to do!

4. Todd brought home a check from an egg customer that optimistically thinks the stupid birds are laying. Going to have to send it back and have her adjust it to when the new birds start laying regularly . . . .