Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I got the news yesterday — I did not get into the Marion Fine Arts Festival this year . . . . I’m kinda bummed but am going to keep applying to some other art fairs . . . . trying to break out of my geographic region!  The flip side is that I am going to participate in two Art Sprees with the Illinois Artisans Program in Chicago — one in July and one in September.  I am very excited about that!

The class in Galesburg on Saturday (sorry, no pictures . . . .) went so well that Annette and I are going to go back on March 9 to teach a leather wrap bracelet class.  March 2 we will be in Fort Madison, IA, teaching the Viking knit to ladies there.  Be sure to come by and see us, even if you can’t come for class — just say hi!

Regarding my participation in the Bead Soup Blog Party:  I received my wonderful package from my exchange partner Dana James (find her blog here!).  Her packaging was much nicer than mine . . . and I was so excited to receive it that I didn’t get a picture taken!  (notice a theme about pictures?)  Do you remember that I was moving the “sewing room” over the holidays (all of my stuff out of the room, Sara’s stuff in, Tyler’s stuff into Sara’s old room and, in theory, my stuff into Tyler’s old room)?  I’ve been taking my time (that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it) to organize as I put things away . . . Getting rid of things I haven’t used and probably won’t use as I touch them.  I found some long ago made and much unloved lampwork beads that I was going to gift to my friend Merrell.  I was also asking her to help me design something with my Bead Soup.  You will all be amazed that the beads were perfect to match to the Soup mix I received.  Merrell took all of it to her workshop (do you see elves with little hammers?) and transformed it into a wonderful piece of jewelry.  And I do promise pictures —  but not until 03/30/13!  (teaser alert!)

In farming news — last week I managed not to burn down the barn!  I came home (Wednesday, I think), came in the house (as always), checked the mail changed my clothes . . . went to the barn.  Wondered what that odd smell was and figured that the neighbors were burning something.  Turned out my heat lamp had fallen, probably about the time I pulled into the garage and straw trapped under the metal was starting the smolder!  I haven’t had it plugged in since — I’m a little weirded out about how close that was . . . .

I have managed to sprout two flats of 72 cells of lettuce (each a different kind) and planted one flat of 48 of peppers. . . . that one hasn’t sprouted yet.  I’m thinking of bringing in a heat mat to give it a boost.  But since the heat lamp incident, I really want to be home the whole day to keep an eye on it.  Maybe Sunday . . .



Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just a quick one – cause I still need to do six months of bookkeeping stuff . . . today!  Like that is going to happen.

So – I’m participating in the Pretty Things – Bead Soup Blog Party and yesterday, after many stops and starts put my package in the mail to my partner, Dana James (  I’m hoping she likes it.  I can’t put any of the details here – just in case!  You can find a list of all the participating blog hop people at:  blog hop!  One night I’m going to sit in front of the tv and blog surf . . . .

It’s cold and rainy here.  Annette is coming over and we are going to complete the kits for our upcoming classes at Vintages Tasting Room, Galesburg, Saturday, February 16th and Artisans Next Door, Fort Madison, IA, Saturday, March 2.  I have shipped a bunch of earrings and two samples to Linda Ross at the Artisans Next Door — stop by and check them out.  We will also have the box of make and take and finished jewelry for those who don’t want to do the longer class.  Be sure to visit all your local shops!

Got to get started!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yes . . . I haven’t been very good about posting.  I so hate to turn on the computer after I’ve sent the day at the computer at work . . . and I enjoy what I’m doing at work, just don’t want home to feel like work.  And yesterday’s excuse was that I went to the eye doctor and had my eyes dilated . . . had a head ache and couldn’t see — so went out to melt some glass.  Actually, that turned out pretty well.  I’ve made some “head pins” – glass on the end of some steel wire.  The first couple I made a couple weeks ago were just drops on either end of about 3 inches of wire.  After about three it occurred to me that I could make them flat and add a second color so they looked more like my kinda work.  Yesterday I made some more and I’m going to see what kind of earrings they turn into.  Stay tuned.

Today Annette is coming over and we are going to put kits together for viking knit classes at Vintages in Galesburg and The Artisan’s Next Door in Fort Madison, IA.  Check out the facebook page for the official event notices.  We love traveling to see old friends and making new ones at the classes.  It’s something to do during the drab part of the year while we are all waiting for spring.

And I’m on the computer cause I signed up for another blog hop with Lori McDaniel Anderson . . . one of the official bead soup hops.  These look like fun and am excited to see what I receive and what the person I send my soup to does with it.  I’m guessing it will probably include some of the new head pins . . . what ya think?

July 2012 Twisted Chicken Sightings!

Saturday, July 14 you can find new Twisted Chicken Beads at the Galesburg Civic Art Center for the Art Before Your Eyes event (
Sunday, July 15 you can see the same items (well, the ones that aren’t gobbled up in Galesburg) in Mackinaw at the Art and Wine Festival (  This is a free event — come see some art and sample some wine — how great is that?
I did, this morning, take more beads off mandrels.  Despite the heat, I made it out to the torch on Sunday . . . . and it was fun!  Orange is the current favorite color!  Saturday morning Merrell Hickey came over and we put some stuff together.  When she left I kept at it and created some great pendants with my beads and some lucite flowers I have been collecting.  If I have any left after the weekend, Loni of Yellow Lily Photography is going to photograph them for the website.  But remember, that’s only what is left over after two different events.

Monday, September (really!) 19, 2011

Wow – August did just whiz by — even without me pushing it along!

Most of the outside garden stuff is done producing . . . now for the clean up process!  But in the hoop houses — there are peppers still blooming, and spinach and lettuce sprouting.  Now, if I could only get the lights to work correctly.

Another sign of fall — one morning, while sitting on the deck enjoying a quiet moment with my coffee/book I heard a strange noise coming from the barn . . . finally decided that it is one of three new roosters trying out their voices!  Imagine a teenage boy shouting with all their might and the strange cracking that would go along with that.  They are just beginning to crow – not consistantly, not the same one – not even every day.  So hopefully the hens will start laying in the not too distant future — eggs, anyone?

In the mean time – while it has been cooler I haven’t gotten to the torch as much as I would like to — I have new tools and some more coming soon.  Saturday I took a good portion of my inventory to the Galesburg Civic Art Center – I am the October Artist of the Month!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wow — planted 6 flats of 72 cells each 4 different types of lettuce this morning.  Erin has loaned me a heat mat for the seedlings — tomatoes and peppers — it really does make a difference — will have to buy my own.  And I am now the proud owner of 31 (started as 32 but Erin releaved me of at least one pound) pounds of onion sets for green onions and 75 pounds of potatoes — all resting nicely in the barn until the ground dries out.  But the really fun garden chore this week was to get my well water tested.  To be a farmer for the Good Earth Food Alliance you have to have liability insurance and well water testing (see earlier post about scale certification and egg licensing!).  $10 to the Peoria City/County Health Department — and then $16 something to the post office to over night the sample to Springfield . . . . I want  you to know that I don’t really look at the report I run at the end of the year for the tax guy — it would make me sad!

And two hours on the computer doing Good Earth Food Alliance book work — we still have room for more CSA members — visit!

Now, to clean beads and get ready for basic beading at Vintages in Galesburg tonight . . . tomorrow TORCHING! really.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a week!  The Moon Dancer staff was busy getting ready for the big Junior League Faririe Tea today so I was in the store more!  I also was in the garden (sorta) starting seeds . . . in the barn under lights . . . the arugula popped right up — bless it’s pointie little head!  I did manage to torch one day — taking those beads to Annette’s tonight to start making bracelet/necklace kits for Wednesday’s class at Vintages in Galesburg!  So — the weeks run together!