Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The green beans are still out there!  I have picked 45 pounds today for the Good Earth Food Alliance CSA! Ok — Sara helped pick 25 of those yesterday and bagged them all for me!  I LOVE when she comes out to the garden to help — once she quits whining about it she is good help and chatters on about what is going on with her and her world!

Annette and I were in Pekin yesterday for a fund raiser at Goodfellas — the food was great, the crowd was ok — and several ladies said that they would call about hosting a party!  Do you know that you don’t have to wait to find us out and about but can book a home party?!  We come to you, bring all our stuff, set up, sell, clean up and disappear — forgot —  you get 15% of the sales in free stuff!  And what could be better?  Your guests get to take everything with them right then, no waiting for the box to show up, see who got what, and try to get their what to them . . . . what a pain!  We are pain-free!  And you and your friends get first crack at new, exciting, one of a kind pieces of jewelry — for yourself or as a gift — no one will have anything like it!

So — back to the gardening — the weeds are killing me — and the garden really needs some rain!  Sam is doing a wonderful job of keeping the weeds out of the peppers this year, but the deer have mowed where he weeded the soy beans . . . luckily the plants are smart enough to know to bloom down farther on the stem so there will still be fruit!  And the stupid, ok, make that smart, coons are killing the chickens and me . . . can’t seem to trap them and I don’t know how to use the guns . . . . maybe I should learn so I can sit out there and wait — there were two in the barnyard when I went out to lock the birds up last night!


Rainie Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello all — been busy getting things moving in the garden and putting out fires.  Two-thirds of the potatoes are planted and some of the onions . . . .what was I thinking 32 pounds of onions?  We LOVE onions at our house.  And lettuce . . . . cute little things.  So, one of the last snow storms (such that it was) managed to damage the east hoop house zipper wall . . . . going to have to figure out what to do about that before November!  And something was in there nipping off the brocolli starts . . . had to instal bird netting.  Today is blusterie and cold and very rainie so I guess it was good that I didn’t get the lettuce planted outside when I wanted to.

In the mean time, my oxygen concentrator managed to start making noise and a funny smell . . . $90 later it is in Indiana at Extreme Oxygen where it came from.  Luckily they were able to fix it for not too much and it is on it’s way home.  Thank goodness!  I’m more than ready to sit and melt some glass.

I attended the Spring Craft Sale in Yates City — it was well attended and a couple people bought stuff from me — then off to Elmwood High School Prom Grand March!  Sara managed to get left off the prom committee list and of course, by the time I got there there was no place to sit.  For all of you who live in a small community — if your kids aren’t participating DO NOT OCCUPY A SEAT.  I told Sara that next year I’m going at noon to camp out . . . we NEVER, in 13 years, have gotten good seats at anything . . . .(suffice it to say that I will be glad when she graduates.

Upcoming events — Annette and I will be in Milan at the MIP (Milan Improvement Project) Sunday, May 1.  Please come by and visit us.  I should hear by next week about Sugar Creek Art Fair in Bloomington, IL.  I am excited about that.

So, today I am at the Moon Dancer at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie where the rain is keeping people from shopping.  Everyone have a good day and stay dry.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wow – a week, this isn’t going too well, is it?  Monday I packed up a box of beads headed for the Madison Bead Show via Shannon at Meant to Bead in Sun Prairie — Stop by her booth and say hi!  I rarely push deadlines like that (having stuff made — not the actual sending it out part).  But as I made beads people took them or I made them for some thing specific.

Speaking of specific — the basic beading classes at Vintages Tasting Room and Wine Shop in Galesburg have really taken off.  Thanks to Julie for inviting Annette and me to that and to the students — I think we have some new friends!  Tonight’s class is necklaces and Annette has gone through her crystal stash and has a really fancy project for us!

Annette and I will be at the Concordia Lutheran School’s spring vendor event on Saturday (mostly Annette as I have double booked myself again — anyone else doing that much?).  Come see what new beads will be there (headed out to work once I’m done here!).  Sunday I will be at the Cornerstone Building for the Underground Art Show.  Come see the building and meet some great artists!

To the Garden — Can you believe it’s going to be 28 degrees tonight — The tomatoes (two flats that had gone to the hoop house) are now in the kid’s bathroom.  All the lettuce flats are lined up on the floor of the hoop house (Sara doesn’t know it yet but she’s gonna help me cover things with row cover when she gets home tonight).  Yesterday, as it sprinkled, Todd tilled about 1/2 the field for me and Sara and I planted potatoes — two more 25# bags to go.  One year Tyler and I were just finishing up as a wall of rain hit us.  Do you see a pattern?

And I had my annual gyn appointment yesterday — he wants to check out my hormone levels with a saliva test and adjust things to a more normal level.  Todd’s all for that if I’m not so moodie — I have no idea what he’s talking about?!

48 degrees and rising

Wow — it’s up from 46 degrees last time I looked — I should go out and open up the shop and make beads!  I called Shannon in Sun Prairie (Meant to Bead) and she said she had sold some of my beads and people were excited!  But I’m still fighting a cold and think now that I have done a couple hours of computer work I’m going to take a break (nap) and then go out to get some torching done!

Thanks to all who supported the Limestone High School Band yesterday at their first vendor event!  Please remember that Twisted Chicken and Annie’s Creations will come to your house (or venue of your choice) and provide you and your friends a unique shopping opportunity and the hostess receives 10% of her sales in free jewelry — the last party we did that was over $150!  Think of upcoming gifting needs or something just because — for you or a friend!